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We’ve spent much of the last nine years figuring out ways to identify and help classmate-sponsored nonprofits. You’ll see the list of what we call "Bridges"—with details about what they are, who sponsors them and what we’ve done to help—below.

As ClassACT has evolved, we have been broadening the definition of Bridges—beyond just “Projects” to embrace a variety of opportunities to connect classmates, who find value in conversations that do not necessarily fall within a well-defined project framework.  For example, Bridges can be simple connections that lead to helpful conversations among classmates and potentially to further help or connections with other resources.  To broaden ClassACT’s ability to connect classmates, we are also facilitating informal networks, topical discussions groups, educational events, and other regional gatherings.

On May 11th, 2023, classmates who represented eight of our Bridges joined ClassACT Board members for a forum on their work. This Zoom event aimed to inspire ClassACT members and other viewers to propose new Bridge connections and discover ways that we can share our skills and expertise with existing ones. The conversation focused on the contributions of these Bridges to ClassACT’s four primary areas of interest: health, education, justice & civic engagement, and the environment. Learn more about it (and watch a forthcoming recording if you missed the forum) here.

So, in addition to the projects listed below, we are looking to foster conversations and networking among our classmates and others. Consider taking more steps—submit a suggestion for how ClassACT can help you and a nonprofit, check out How to Help to share your skills and interests, or send us an email  to raise questions and promote other ideas. 

The Children's Orchestra Society

The Children's Orchestra Society, founded in 1962 by Dr. H.T. Ma, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to "teaching the language of music" to children and teens. Our mission is to cultivate and nurture children and teach them teamwork and life skills through music-learning and performing in orchestral and chamber music settings. Members of COS receive excellent training in classical music and opportunities to perform in concerts with their peers as well as with well-established musicians.

Learn more.

The Cole Resource Center

The Cole Resource Center is an education and recovery community of peers and family members, dedicated to helping people affected by mental health challenges lead full and healthy lives.

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KCE is a California charity engaged in donating technology to the low income world.  Our mission is saving children's lives and transforming community medical delivery systems, by empowerment of physicians with multi-media, state-of-the-art pediatric software, and through training of young professionals to become future global healthcare leaders.

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Ole & Nu Fellas Social Aid & Pleasure Club

The Club is a dynamic and very localized community support engine powered by Sue Press, the president, whose activities include, volunteering  as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Neglected and Abused Children, mentoring sessions to encourage children regarding peer pressure, family matters, social etiquette, and proper behavior and sponsoring a community activities

Sue Press (left) with classmate 
Therese Steiner

Osiligi-Hope Foundation

The Osiligi-Hope Foundation recognizes the value of empowering females to assist their partners in addressing the challenges to their way of life and to contribute their knowledge, skill and perspective in shaping a well- balanced future which secures the best of their heritage with formal education and modern technology. The Foundation has championed female empowerment by speaking out against the practice of female circumcision and encouraging advanced education for young women.
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The Roots of Music

The Roots of Music provides free year-round music education, academic tutoring, and mentorship for youths ages 9-14 in Greater New Orleans. Founded shortly after Hurricane Katrina to address the challenges facing the city’s youth and the cessation of music education in most of New Orleans’ public middle schools, the program offers children an escape and alternative to the dangerous after-school street life of New Orleans.

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Sports Analytics Club Program

Robert Clayton ’73 developed the concept of a Sports Analytics Club Program (SACP) to expand STEM education opportunities to under-served high and middle school students. He had successfully implemented a pilot high school Sports Analytics Club in Baltimore, MD, and needed help developing and expanding the concept. ClassACT has helped to bring together over thirty classmates to assist in the development of SACP. Classmates have helped to facilitate business planning, organization as a not-for-profit, development of a governance structure and financial strategies, and identification of program expansion models to help as SACP has expanded to a multi-city program. The SACP board includes three HR73 classmates. 

Salih Self-Development Center

The Salih Self-Development Center teaches area children vocational skills, they will be able to find jobs and learn self-sufficiency. It also provides necessities and medical supplies to the community. The Center already made progress towards a better future for Kumasi. Ibrahim Anyars Salih, the President and Founder of the Salih Self-Development Center, grew up in the Aboabo District of Kumasi and knows the challenges that face the children of Kumasi. He saw that children lacked vocational skills and education. He was fortunate to have the opportunity to come to the United States, but has never forgotten his friends who continue to face poverty in Ghana. 

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Understanding Our Differences

Understanding Our Differences (UOD) is a nationally recognized non-profit organization whose mission is to educate communities to value and respect people of all abilities, through school-based interactive disability-awareness programs. The goal is to foster a society that includes people with disabilities – who, at 20 percent of the US population, make up the largest minority group in the country. Since 1978, Understanding our Differences volunteers have regularly been presenting its programs to students in grades 3-5 in our home district of Newton, MA, and in other Massachusetts communities. The lessons increase students’ understanding of a range of disabilities and chronic medical conditions, with visual presentations, hands-on activities, and speakers with disabilities discussing their experiences and answering questions. Accurate information about disabilities makes the difference between discrimination and acceptance, and Understanding Our Differences teaches children – at a young age when they are open and receptive – to be allies, not bullies.

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United Nations Association of Greater Boston

The United Nations Association of Greater Boston is ClassACT's newest Bridge. Sponsored by classmate Rich Golob, who most recently served as the chair of the UNAGB board of directors, the organization promotes global awareness in the Greater Boston area. Rich and their Executive Director, Caitlin Moore, have asked ClassACT to help them find topical experts to serve as speakers for their adult and student programs. We have already provided a connection to Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program Associate and international water expert, Erum Sattar.

UNAGB is developing a water curriculum so they are delighted that Erum has agreed to be the keynote speaker at their annual meeting. Classmates interested in UNAGB should reach out to Rich Golob or Caitlin Moore.In addition to finding experts for their program they are interested more generally in volunteers supporters.

Learn more.

White Pony Express

To help eliminate hunger and poverty in Contra Costa County by delivering the abundance all around us to those in need. “Many friends in Contra Costa County can’t afford to feed or clothe themselves properly. And nonprofit organizations and shelters here often don’t have enough resources to serve them. But we’ve found that many businesses would be pleased to donate their excess food and goods if someone could just pick it up and deliver it. That’s why we created the White Pony Express. We are the connecting link between those with surplus and those in need.” – Founder, Dr. Carol Weyland Connor

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