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ComMunity Cares

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Sponsor: Tom Schneider

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Mission: CommUnity Cares envisions a future where health and wellbeing are central to the Black American experience. By fusing medical education and access with cultural resonance, we are a gateway to consistent high, quality healthcare.

Impact Model:


Generational mistrust and the social determinants of health catalyze premature death


Primary: Black Americans aged 16 – 35 years old

Secondary: Low-income Americans of all ages with limited access to healthcare


Access to care, improved trust in the health system, prevention, early detection, improved disease management, increased medication adherence


Black Americans aged 16 – 35 years old adopt key behavior changes including annual screenings resulting in decreased chronic conditions and improved lifespan.



We want to shape a world where health disparities do not exist and Black Americans have a cultural belief that a long, healthy life is normal.

Current Status and Project Goals: 

CommUnity Cares believes that it can be of immense societal value through its combined model of disrupting systemic ( e.g. time, cost, etc) and cultural (e.g. distrust) barriers while maximizing enablers (e.g. cultural resonance, shared identity) to good health. We build music festivals that include a healthcare center to create a culture of health in communities with low levels of primary care access. We strongly believe that high quality primary and preventative care in early adulthood has the potential to short circuit the current vicious cycle of health disparities that lead to premature death, robbing Black Americans of precious time together.

CommUnity Cares is now excited to transition from a small mission-driven organization into a national organization able to effectuate large-scale change. Currently, we have interest in six additional states, and we are excited to continue to build momentum. The next phase of CommUnity Cares includes developing a framework for program expansion, introduction of paid staff, developing a company culture, building and growing multi-year financial sustainability, and efficiently increasing scale and impact.

Skills and Assistance Needed:

  • Strategy

  • Board Development

  • Legal

  • Programming

  • Infrastructure

  • Human Resources

  • Communications

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

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