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What is ClassACT?

ClassACT is a vehicle to bring classmates and others together to address important local, national and international problems. We are committed to positive change, together. We do this by bridging gaps between existing nonprofit efforts and classmates' expertise, sharing news of progress and ideas,  and learning about ways we can help others by collaborating with each other in larger Class Acts such as the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program. 

The ACT in ClassACT stands for Achieving Change Together, creating a vehicle that facilitates collaboration, and aligns our strengths, and allows us to create positive changes far greater than if we act separately. AND working together is also a lot of fun.

Many members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1973 stand near the pinnacle of their expertise, accomplishment, influence, and wealth. We are entering a phase of life when we have more time combined with a strong desire to use that time wisely. Individually, classmates have done and are doing great good in the world and still have the capacity to do more.

Though this is an initiative for HR73 classmates, we welcome others who want to join us!


At our 40th reunion, members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Class of ’73 launched an initiative devoted to the principle that it’s not too late to change the world. While the impulse and the language describing it evoke the times in which HR73 came to maturity, that brief manifesto has now proven a guide to activism across multiple classes and generations. So, what spirit drives us?

In a time of national and global strife and distrust in institutions, professional expertise, and truth itself, ClassACTors share and apply the experience that our education, community, and collective energy have put within our reach. We know that we are blessed with opportunities that many envy and all should have. We believe that education underwrites human flourishing, not just a daily wage; that a diverse and inclusive community is more than the sum of its parts, not an invitation to chaos; that inquiry and imagination set the first, essential steps towards a new and better life for all if we have the wisdom to embrace them.

Having passed the milestone of our 50th Reunion in June, we continue to come together beyond Harvard Yard to build on the best of our institutional heritage and do together what none of us alone could hope to accomplish. With humility, energy, and empathy, we seek to pay our past advantages forward. It is indeed, “not too late to change the world!”

How to get involved  with ClassACT

We can't believe it's been ten years! To see all we've done and the wonderful classmates we've worked with, take a look at our:

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