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Class Acts are long-term projects developed by ClassACT HR73, and include the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program, our Zoom Forum Series, our Voting: Constitutional Rights & Responsibilities, and the HR73 @50 Video Project  portfolio of activities.

Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program

Consistent with our mission to support positive change, ClassACT has developed the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program (BBLP) in honor of our classmate, the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan. The fellowships support scholars enrolled in the Edward S. Mason Program (MC/MPA) of the Kennedy School of Government. For more information on the Mason Program, visit the MC/MPA Edward S. Mason Program webpage

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In an effort to share information and strengthen community, ClassACT has instituted a ClassACT HR73 Forum seriesForums focus on our four areas of interest: justice & civic engagement, environment and climate change, healthcare, and education. We usually present four public forums a year, drawing on the expertise of HR73 classmates and experts in their broader networks. 

The goals  of these forums are to educate people on ClassACT initiatives, bring in a broader audience, and engage people in the work.

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Voting: Our Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities

Members of the Justice & Civic Engagement Committee regularly contribute and edit articles on related to timely issues related on voting protection in various states to the ClassACT HR73 Newsletters. Links to recent articles to the right.

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HR73 @50 Video Project

For almost 50 years many in the Class of ‘73 have taken our college passions and continued to work, in ways large and small, towards a more equitable, responsible and engaged community. This pursuit has taken on many forms. For the past several months, with Rick Brotman ‘73 at the helm, ClassACT HR73 is creating a series of videos illustrating the stories of how our classmates are working towards positive change in their communities, the nation and the world.

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