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Sponsor: Robert Clayton


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Mission: The Sports Analytics Club Program (SACP) develops and supports SACP Sports Analytics Clubs at high schools and middle schools across the United States, each with a STEM teacher advisor and university faculty partner. SACP demonstrates a unique collaborative architecture of secondary school teachers, university faculty and professional sports data analysts (SMEs) to team with students to execute sports data analytics research projects that are fun, measurable and actionable.

Impact Model:


Lack of women (15%); African American (3%) and Hispanic (6%) data scientists.


High Schools with over 70% African American and Hispanic populations.


Building excitement in STEM courses, making connections with university faculty and pro sports analysts and developing data science skill sets attractive for college admissions and industry placement.


Annual Club surveys evidence that 55% of students are now more likely to consider a career in STEM and 80% of students improved their grades in math and statistics.



Our vision is to develop a nationally recognized network of several hundred Sports Analytics Clubs in every region with university partnerships and corporate sponsorships which will fund the expansion of programs to include Sports Journalism, Sports Architecture/Engineering and Sports Medicine.

Current Status and Project Goals:  

SACP's mission accomplishment to diversify the data science field across all industries is of increased importance to the competitiveness of the United States in the global digital economy and its defense. According to LinkedIn's most recent Emerging Jobs Report, data science is booming. The field of data science witnessed a 37% growth rate in 2020, and data scientist is one of the top three fastest growing jobs. The median entry salary is $103,000.

Our critical strategic focus to eliminate STEM academic achievement gaps has been acutely elevated by the national crisis driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, McKinsey & Company issued a K-12 report that due to the pandemic African American students would fall behind by 10 months of learning and Hispanic students by 9 months. Additionally, these losses would exasperate existing achievement gaps by 15 to 20%.

Sports is a proven motivational attraction for under resourced and discouraged populations of students to learn and apply in real life case studies the data analytics skill sets to launch careers impactful to the defense and financial industries. In 2023, SACP faces a critical transition from a small nonprofit to the nation's premier K-12 data science educational platform supporting hundreds of Clubs. This explosive growth requires systemizing operations to support increased scale, carefully managing expansion, continuing robust fundraising to build multi-year financial sustainability and adding a full complement of paid staff. SACP is at a critical inflection point and would welcome external expertise and perspectives on planning and implementing this transition.

Skills and Assistance Needed:

    • Fundraising
    • Board Development
    • Strategy
    • Legal
    • Infrastructure 
    • Human Resources
    • Programming

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