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Sponsor: Jeff Herrmann '73, Marcia Herrmann '74


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Mission: Understanding Our Differences’ mission is to educate communities to value and accept people of all abilities through school-based, interactive disability awareness programs.

Impact Model:


Disabilities are much more common than most people realize, whether physical, intellectual or medical. People with disabilities are often disrespected in their communities, isolated or even bullied. Effective disability awareness education will foster lasting understanding, respect and inclusion.


UOD has a 44-year history of success since its founding in Newton, MA. Targeting elementary schools with interactive programs and enlisting parent volunteers has enabled UOD to successfully educate young students while they are open to learning about the universality of humanity.


Elementary school children meet with and learn from individuals with various disabilities; UOD’s structured programs teach them to better understand disabilities, to see and value the whole person, and to respect them as full members of the community.


Children become more comfortable with and more accepting of people with all kinds of abilities. They reinforce that inclusive attitude in their peers, their families and, importantly, in their communities. Classmates and adults with disabilities are less likely to be teased, bullied or isolated.



Having developed a complete set of digital materials and resources, UOD is now equipped to efficiently expand the reach of its programs to schools and communities throughout the U.S. and beyond. The goal is a planet in which people of all abilities are fully respected, valued, and included.

Current Status and Project Goals:  Understanding Our Differences’ programs are currently used in school districts in Massachusetts, New England and worldwide. With its decades of experience and its recently developed digital materials, UOD now seeks to cement its leadership in disability awareness education with an ambitious push into nationwide and even global distribution. This growth trajectory will require additional resources, expertise and staff, along with associated funding to support the effort and invest in market development.

Skills and Assistance Needed:

  • Assistance in identifying and tapping sources of incremental funding to support more widespread deployment
  • Assistance in market development and business planning. Expertise in all relevant areas

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