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Every year JusticeAid, co-founded by classmate Steve Milliken, identifies a pressing civil rights issue to spotlight, and carefully selects a nonprofit addressing that issue as its grantee partner. The Justice & Civic Engagement Initiative is excited to support and promote awareness for JusticeAid’s 2023/2024  beneficiary Black Voters Matter, an organization dedicated to removing barriers to voting, civic engagement and power building power in Black and other marginalized communities.

Leads: Stephen Milliken and Therese Steiner


  • At Boots to the Ballot Box, experts discussed the challenges and barriers to voting and the power of music and joy in mobilizing communities and creating a sense of belonging. They stressed the importance of voting at all levels, from local elections to the presidency, and confirmed that face to face engagement with voters creates community and drives action. This kind of grassroots ground game goes hand in hand with litigation and long-haul lawsuits in the fight to bring justice and self-determination to all Americans.
  • UPCOMING: 2024 SPRING CLASSACT & JUSTICEAID ZOOM FORUM on Voter Engagement and Mobilization


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