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ClassACT focuses its work and service in three areas: Justice and Civic Engagement, Education, Health, and we are developing a fourth program area focused on the Environment.

We are highlighting a classmate, Sharon Tisher HR'73, who has done a great deal of environmental work. We've outlined one of her projects, a climate chronology, below. We have upcoming projects for this initiative as well, so stay tuned for updates.

If you would like to work with us on any of these endeavors, or you have questions about them, we invite you to email us at classacthr73@gmail.com and we respond promptly.

Classmate Spotlight 


After receiving her undergraduate degree from Harvard College, Sharon received her law degree from Harvard in 1977. She practiced as a trial lawyer in Connecticut and Boston for fifteen years, then returned to her home state of Maine in 1993 to become a college lecturer and to engage in a variety of non-profit and pro bono commitments. She has served as President of the Natural Resources Council of Maine and the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. As a part time lecturer in the School of Economics and the Honors College at the University of Maine, she teaches environmental law and energy policy courses in the Ecology and Environmental Sciences program. She was trained in 2012 to give Al Gore's slide show on climate change, and has given it to over 1000 people in Maine.



As a component of her work at the University, Sharon has developed as excellent chronology of major steps in addressing climate change.

Under development since 2012, this chronology, created by Sharon, has been a resource for students in her environmental law and climate policy courses. It is a 225-page searchable color-coded record of events in climate science, U.S. policy, and international policy, starting in 1824. It is updated every January.

Readers are welcome to send Sharon feedback and suggestions about potential funders for the interactive illustrated version. You can reach her at  Sharon.tisher@maine.edu.

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