Recommended reading and viewing on climate change

“The Short Guide to Climate Change” The short form of the Royal Society‘s Report gives text and video introduction to climate change in 60 seconds. "Climate Change Evidence and Causes” from The Royal Society is the long-form report.

Classmate Jesse Ausubel's predictive, precise and provocative paper called “Some Ways to Lessen Worries about Climate Change”, includes observations such as "Carbon taxes are just more taxes, with a smell of morality," and, re "so-called solar and renewable sources [of energy]: each is dirty in its own way: hydro kills rivers, biomass gobbles habitat that could be wilderness, windmills kill birds (and could easily become still relics if the winds change)." pp, Jesse Ausubal.

Ausubel, Director of the Program for the Human Environment at Rockefeller University, delivered a talk for the Long Now Foundation on "Nature is Rebounding: Land- and Ocean-Sparing through Concentrating Human Activities." Enjoy the talk HERE

The Summary Report (2014) of the fifth annual Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Synthesis Report for Policymakers is a sobering 39-page treatment of observed climate changes, their causes, future expected changes, their risks and impacts, future pathways for adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development. The Full Report can be found at IPCC Fifth Assessment Synthesis Report

“What We Know,” from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2014)initiative dedicated to communicating the Reality and the Risk of climate change to the public and how to Respond

U.S. National Climate Assessment Report (2014) "documents the changes already observed and those projected for the future" in the U.S.; details include impacts and predictions by region.

“The 3% Solution: Driving Profits Through Carbon Reduction,” a report commissioned jointly by the World Wildlife Federation and the firm CDP (2013), is aimed at US corporations and their necessary efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions