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Educational and Economic Development & Community-Based Partnering Programs

Targeting Those in Greatest Need, With a Specific Focus on Families of Migrants to the United States

About The Corner Institute

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The Corner Institute’s mission is to promote our region's educational and economic development, giving priority to programs that will benefit those in greatest need. Located in the highlands southwest of Mexico City, the Corner Institute works in partnership with community members to provide training and tools needed for the people of this historically Aztec region to thrive. The Corner Project started in 1998 as an educational resource center for _campesino_ children. When area youths got involved, an educational exchange program evolved that brought groups from the U.S. to learn from the local community and share their skills. In 2004 The Corner Project responded to a series of requests for crisis assistance from families of migrants by initiating programs to help families stay in touch with relatives in the U.S. and deal with problems before they turn into family-fragmenting crises. A summer program helps migrant children cope with parents’ absence and encourages them to stay in school, while Malinalco’s master artisans teach these children work with our team to design and produce hand-crafted products for domestic and export sales., thus creating local earning opportunities. Our assistance helps reunite area migrants with their families, and our team includes returned migrants, who find a way to help support their families in the production of fine hand-crafted products.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Pro Bono Legal Advice
  • Folks to set up and/or attend educational exchange and service residencies
  • Organizers
  • Writers, Videographers, Documentarians
  • Help with website development, processing internship applications
  • Marketing and selling jewelry
  • Crisis Resolution
  • Teachers and foreign-language conversation partners
  • Set up a speaking service

Based In: Malinalco, Mexico


Classmate Sponsor: Ellen Calmus,

Recent Classmate Involvement

  • Kit White sent a colleague from Pratt Institute with a group of graduate students to work with master artisans designing new products
  • Roger Myerson came to study local government and challenges to development
  • Phil Straus came to document the experience, producing gorgeous photos
  • Dixie Brown's son spent a gap year summer studying Spanish with El Rincon's youth group

More Ways To Help

  • $500 would cover design and production of an Aztec-inspired medallion
  • $25 covers a child's costs for the summer school