Salih Self-Development Center

  • Health
  • Inequality
  • Kids and learning

The Salih Self-Development Center, located in the Aboabo District of Kumasi, Ghana, exists in order to distribute resources throughout the community and provide health and vocational training to disadvantage and orphaned children.

About The Salih Self-Development Center

Looking For

The Salih Self-Development Center of Aboabo, Kumasi, Ghana seeks to distribute resources to meet community health needs especially in combating malaria and diabetes and will provide disadvantaged and orphaned children with health education and vocational training for the local people of Aboabo. Since compulsory education is not required of all children in Kumasi, Ghana, the disadvantaged and orphaned have been dependent on the goodwill of others for support. Having a reliable self-development center serving the needs of the community will improve the quality of life for all the people in Aboabo. The Salih Self-Development Center is dedicated to distributing resources to combat hunger, diabetes, and malaria. The Center also seeks to promote the learning of vocational skills most specifically tailoring for girls and Kinta cloth weaving for boys. Finally, it strives to cultivate an eco-consciousness for waste management and environmental conservation and will teach its clients the proper care and feeding of animals for human consumption.

  • Solar energy application to power the Center in Kumasi
  • Affordable, accessible blood-testing procedure for diabetics
  • Plastics reclamation operation to recycle plastic waste into construction materials
  • Teachers
  • Doctors, pharmacists
  • Waste management professionals
  • Solar engineers

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Locations: Maryland, Ghana

Classmate Sponsor: David Weeks



David during one of his visits to the Aboabo township.