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Website: JusticeAid

Classmate sponsor: Stephen Milliken

About JusticeAid

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JusticeAid formed in 2013 around a simple but profound idea: to organize music and arts events to increase access to opportunity and justice for every person, regardless of their background or circumstance. We partner with outstanding artists and world-changing charities to fight for those most in need, and to ensure that liberty and justice are indeed inalienable rights for every human being. Our events have benefited our veterans, public defenders, indigent defendants, disenfranchised youth, and the homeless.

  • Best practices for promoting civil rights through the arts using effective brand building and integrated marketing (i.e. multiple communications platforms)
  • A deeper understanding of the arts and entertainment business--we are proud to pay artists market rates, and we are learning more each day about promotion and production of show
  • Assistance with alumni engagement in raising awareness about our organization and participation with out events
  • A franchise model - based on the JusticeAid experience - for other nonprofits interested in fundraising through the arts
  • Board development (long-term)

JusticeAid is an all-volunteer 501c3 tax exempt organization founded in 2013 to promote justice through the arts.