Osiligi/Hope Foundation

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Empowering the Masaai community of Kenya’s Rift Valley, especially women and school-age children.

About The Osiligi Foundation

Looking For

The Osiligi-Hope Foundation recognizes the value of empowering females to assist their male partners in addressing the future challenges to their way of life and to contribute their knowledge, skill and perspective in shaping a well- balanced future which secures the best of their heritage with formal education and modern technology. Established by Kikanae Punyua, the Osiligi – Hope Foundation has championed female empowerment by speaking out against the practice of female circumcision and encouraging advanced education for young women. In December 2012 the Punyua clan of the Masaai tribe terminated the traditional practice of female circumcision and have promoted more educational opportunity for girls. With foreign interests seeking to capitalize on the resources of the Rift Valley in Kenya, it is essential that the Masaai indigenous tribes be prepared to handle any threats to their culture and livelihood.

  • Consultation for basic medical equipment needs for GP and OB/GYN procedures
  • Functional medical equipment for the clinic, used or outdated OK
  • Solar energy application to power the health clinic
  • The support of a film maker for a documentary on Masaai culture
  • A museum professional to curate traditional artifacts of the Masaai people
  • Funding to support a Masaai cultural center
  • A gallery, a small library/media center
  • An arts and crafts souvenir shop and an office

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Location: Kenya

Classmate Sponsor: David Weeks

Website: osiligihope.org