What's in it for me??

What's in it for me?

We haven't finished developing our branded coffee mugs yet (just kidding!), but well you may ask, why should I get involved?

There is evidence galore that doing well by others makes the doer feel good--that's one thing.

You may also find that working together with people you have either

1) known since your college years or

2) didn't know then but enjoy getting to know now, can be really FUN--like a never-ending reunion, with more significant results than an HR73 baseball cap.

And you might enjoy the chance to upgrade our college "story." As Pete Seeger said in 1994,

“The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known.”

As your classmates, the people of ClassACT are determined to:

  • find the optimistic stories through the nonprofit projects our classmates are involved in,
  • make the optimistic stories by letting classmates share talents and expertise,
  • and share the optimistic stories with each other and the world we hope to change.

And that's not all: we have set our sights on several Class Acts to initiate together, on subjects close to our hearts, to make a few optimistic stories of our own.

If what you read there excites you enough to want to help with operating expenses, get in touch with Treasurer [George Putnam](mailto: gputnam@turnarounds.com)

Go to Project Finder and click on Class Acts for a preliminary look at what we're aiming at, and take a look at the Brainstorming Center under Resources for some Readings related to our Class Act on climate change. And stay tuned!